Ghosts of Granogue

Date: November 2 & 3, 2018
Location: Granogue Estate, Wilmington, DE

Welcome to the 2018 edition of Ghosts of Granogue!

We're doing things a little differently this year, but we promise that Velo Amis will bring you another year of fun.

Registration open on BikeReg.

Friday Night 7 pm: Bike - Run - Pumpkin Hill Climb Relay with FREE tent camping afterwards!
Saturday Morning 10 am: 
NO GADGET 5 mile Run  

Relay Information:
Relay course maps COMING SOON. 
5 mile lap: Cyclists ride 2 laps, then runners complete 1 lap. Afterwards, the team (or solo) must carry their pumpkin up a famous Granogue hill to the finish line. **NOTE that you bring your own pumpkin. Pumpkin is weighed at registration and you will receive 5 seconds per pound of pumpkin off your time. HUGE time penalty if you forget your pumpkin!

There is a category for everyone. Couples, solo's, family - you name it. Are you a lonely cyclist or runner looking for a partner of the opposite discipline? Contact us at and we'll try to get you set up.

If you plan on camping, you probably want to bring some food. Granogue is about 15 minutes from the closest store. There will be potable water available. There are NO Showers.  

The relay event will start at 7pm.  You can do this event solo or with a teammate. Don't have a teammate? Contact us and we'll do our best to set you up with a buddy.

Disclaimer: This event is not about prizes and swag, its about having some fun while racing. Why else would your entry fee include a pumpkin?

IMPORTANT: You must bring a pumpkin that will be weighed at registration. You will be climbing with the pumpkin for the final leg of the relay.  You can create mechanical assistance but your pumpkin carry must be HUMAN POWERED.  You will receive a bonus time reduction of 5 seconds per pound of your pumpkin. Don't forget your pumpkin or you will receive a HUGE time penalty.  

IMPORTANT: The course will include traditional Granogue double track, single track in the woods, fields, rocks, routes and a small bit of road.

IMPORTANT: The bike leg is first and is two laps. Please note: at some point during the event there will be runners and bikers on course.

IMPORTANT: Lights (cyclist and runner) and helmets (cyclists) are required.

IMPORTANT: You can camp Friday night.  Remember - this is private property and that we are guests. The fact that we are allowed to camp is a privilege.  Campers must be packed up by 1pm Saturday (unless you want to help us clean up)!

No Gadget 5 Mile Run Information:
You read that correctly. No gadgets allowed. No phones. No Garmins. No Fitbits. No fitness watches.  It's 5 miles. Will you be able to guess your time? 
What is the course? It's a mystery....... Spoooooooky.......
More information coming soon.