Velo Amis, Inc.

Full Day Junior Cycling Camps (9am -3pm)

Newark DE area Parks and Granogue Estate

Week 1: 7/29/13 - 8/2/13 and Week 2: 8/5/13 – 8/9/13

Register $250/week *small service fee applies

Camp Description

This camp is intended as a means for beginner mountain bikers to develop their skills and become a stronger and more well rounded rider. We will provide campers with as much experience and knowledge as possible. Some potential lesson topics include: Trail etiquette, trail stewardship and maintenance, nutrition/hydration, bicycle maintenance, bicycle safety check, emergency bike repair, training and stretching, and an introduction into racing. Some potential skill clinics include: Ratcheting, getting over logs, traversing a rock garden, stream crossings, how to descend a steep hill, climbing a steep hill, the bunny hop, the drop, and a slow race. Then of course there will be plenty of hours spent out on the trails in the woods.

Who is the camp for?

- This camp is geared towards girls and boys aged 10-16 who have prior experience cycling and are interested in the sport of mountain biking. (if a child is under the age of 10 but has considerable experience mountain biking they will fit in just fine)

- Kids who have 2+ years of bike riding experience

- Kids who have been mountain biking before

- Kids that ride road, BMX, or just around the neighborhood, but are interested in mountain biking

- Kids who are interested in racing and want to develop their skills first

What to expect

- This camp will be able to cater to different skill sets and abilities, we will break into different groups depending on varying skill levels, and there will be a place for everyone to be comfortable and yet be
challenged at the same time.

- This camp is not for kids just learning to ride a bike, or who do not know how to ride a bike.

- This camp is NOT for whiners

- This camp is NOT for kids who do not like to get dirty

- This camp is NOT for kids opposed to learning

- This camp is NOT for the lazy

Typical Schedule - First Day of Camp

9:00 -Everyone meets

-Name Games

-Brief presentation of the camp

-Learning Goals for the day

10:00 -Bicycle Safety Check

-Skills Clinics: Slow races, Ratcheting, Turning, Leaning, Breaking

11:00 -More Skills: Slow Races, Ratcheting, Turning, Leaning, Breaking

12:00 -Lunch

-Lesson on Trail Etiquette

1:00 - 3:00 -Ride Time

Note - We will be stopping often sessioning and practicing. Group instruction with one on one help. Coaches will demonstrate and show riders what to do.

3:00 - Parent pick up

What to bring?

- A functioning mountain bike with gears, no cruisers, no road bikes. Hybrids may work but a mountain bike is better.

- At least one inner tube for your sized wheel. (24inch, 26inch, 29inch)

- Water Bottles or Camelback (on a particularly hot day we will make sure to make stops to fill up on water but every child should have one bottle at the very least)

- Rain Jacket in case it gets cold

- Bagged Lunch (we will have emergency snacks)


- Gloves (recommended)

- Sunscreen

- bike shoes, sneakers, or skate shoes (no open-toed shoes or flip-flops)

- A positive attitude

 What We Will Provide

- Extra water

- Extra snacks

- Bike tools

- Pumps

- A few spare bike parts

- First Aid kit

Location of the Camp

- The location of the camp will change day to day, this way we will be able to expose the participants to varying terrain and further develop technique and skill set.

- All locations will be a short drive from downtown Newark Delaware.

- Locations for the park include: White Clay Creek State Park, Middle Run, Red Park, Iron Hill, Rittenhouse, and Granogue.

- The first day of each camp will take place at the trail crew headquarters of White Clay Creek State Park.

- The last day of each camp will take place at Granogue, a private Dupont estate that many cyclists do not get the privilege to ride on.

- As people start signing up for the camp we would like to create an email list and start sending out a few questionnaires. This way we will be able to get a better idea for where everyone is at what they are looking forward to learning/what kind of trails they want to ride. Once we have gathered this information we will be able to compose a detailed schedule for the entire week.

-If for some terrible reason the weather decides to not cooperate with us and it rains enough that the trails are not rideable then the camp will meet at my Parent's home in Newark Delaware. There we can work on bike maintanance , watch a Mountain biking/ Downhill movie, or ride on fire roads if the kids are up to it.

Coach Profile - Jeff Bahnson  (Jeff Race Resume)

I am an avid cyclist, 19 years of age, from Newark Delaware. My involvement in cycling has allowed me to travel up and down the East Coast, in the Midwest, in the Northwest, and in Europe. Recently I have moved away from racing and began touring America on bike. I am currently on the Northern Tier Trans-Continental Route to the Redwood Forrest in California. I am enjoying my travels thoroughly, but I am eager to come back and get back into the sport of mountain biking. Getting involved with mountain biking, or any other outdoor recreational sport is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Cycling has certainly had a positive impact on my quality of life and I want to share that experience with others.

Coach Profile - Gunnar Bergey
Hi my name is Gunnar Bergey and I love to ride my bike. I am 19 years old and have been racing and riding for as long as I can remember. While I am not racing or riding I enjoy dirt biking, skiing, and hanging with my friends. Like Jeff, racing has allowed me to travel all over the country and even in Europe. I started off mountain biking with my dad when I was younger and it was something that we really enjoyed. I started off at a camp similar to this when I was younger and it helped me get into the sport I love so much. I hope to help others get into the sport like I did

Get Directions To:
Possum Hollow Road
Newark Delaware 19711
2900 Montchanin Road
Wilmington Delaware 19807