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The mission of Velo Amis is two-fold and includes not only advocating and supporting local cyclists, but also supporting other non-profit organizations, individuals and causes that are important to members of our local cycling and running community.

Dogfish IPA
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Date: October 17, 2020
Distance: 50 km, 75 & 120 km
Start: 8 am
Location: Milton, DE
Registration opens in May 2020

Gravel Grape Crusher
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Date: April 18, 2020
Grande (99K) and Petite (60K) Routes

Start: 8 am
Location: Landenberg, PA
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Velo Amis

We are sorry to announce that the Chasing the Sunset race scheduled for June 26th has been canceled. ... See MoreSee Less

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Velo Amis


Repost from @forrest_biker

Although fun for my boys to launch off of this bridge needed to be repaired. Thanks to Jeff Fox Run Construction we (he) knocked this out in no time. Now it is rideable both directions and much safer for walkers and runners. @veloamis #morekidsonbikes
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3 weeks ago

Velo Amis

We get it. It sucks to ride and wear a mask. Unfortunately, we are in a unique situation and as experienced cyclists, we need to be stewards of the outdoors and lead by example. This goes for our runners and hikers out there, too.

We have all seen the huge increase in people riding, hiking, running, and walking in the park. As what probably feels like the usual to many of you, it is the cyclists who get the bad rap. By not wearing a mask, we give people an easily identifiable way to complain about cyclists on trails.

Walking in White Clay Creek State Park this week gives us an example: about 20% of cyclists had a mask and about 80% of the hikers/runners had masks. This makes it incredibly easy for people to complain to park staff about cyclists not wearing masks. Again - we understand wearing a mask is uncomfortable, but we ask that you slow down a bit and figure out a way to ride with a mask easily and quicly accessible. For example, two cyclists pulled up their mask while riding as they passed us (just as we did while walking).

Working together will help us keep our parks open to cyclists. We have all experienced how a small group of people complaining to those in charge seem to have more sway than the majority. Let’s act preemptively and share the word (gently) while you are out riding that we all need to be wearing a mask when we can’t be at least six feet from others.

The Velo Amis TeamI sent the following to a friend who has done a LOT of cycling, and has many cycling friends:

The webpage presents rules for usage of Delaware State Parks.

It notes that "Those aged 13 or older are now required to bring a face mask with them to enter, and should wear them when they cannot maintain social distancing from other visitors. Those who do not bring face masks when visiting these areas may be required to leave by officers or staff."

You are required to have a face mask with you. Social distance rules involve providing 6 foot distance between you and others, if you do not have a face mask on (hanging around your neck does not count). If you are on a single-track, and you come up on hikers, this means that you 1) let them know that you are approaching, 2) either put on your mask, or find a method to provide a 6 foot distance between you and them.

There have been multiple reports of violations of this policy. If this continues, there is a VERY REAL risk that restrictions will be increased, up to and including possibly prohibiting cycling on park trails. If you want to continue to ride the trails, PLEASE know and follow all rules.
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