Crossan Park Trail

Velo Amis proposed building a trail at Crossan Park in Franklin Township, PA in early January 2020. With the help of the Hellbenders PICL cycling team, we will construct a 4 mile loop trail that can be used as a safe training area for the team. Some of the existing trails would be re-routed and upgraded in addition to adding new trails. Parents can walk the trails or relax in the park while their kids are riding. This trail system is designed for cycling, trail running, and walking. It would be a great addition to the existing trails in Crossan Park.

On January 21, 2020, Velo Amis, along with the majority of the Hellbenders PICL cycling team, attended the Franklin Township monthly meeting. The Hellbenders are a local Pennsylvania middle and high school cycling league team. The number of young people that showed up made a real impression on the community; the board of supervisors remarked this was the most well attended meeting they could remember.  The board overwhelmingly approved the trail building project at Crossan Park. Check out the meeting minutes here

Funding for this project was to come, in part, from proceeds of the 2020 Gravel Grape Crusher ride.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel the ride due to Covid-19. Thanks to the generous hearts of our riders, we received many donations and we will be able to see this project through.

Want to help us with this trail building project? Please email:
We will also be posting trail building days on this page please check back

Concept map of trail projects (Click for PDF)

Phase 3 trail build *Trail is open but under construction - Feel free to explore!

Trail Construction Progress

Video from Build