Ghosts of Granogue 5M / 10M

Saturday, October 23, 2021 
3pm Start
5 Mile and 10 Mile (2 laps of the 5 Mile)
Wilmington, DE 19807

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COVID-19 Considerations:  Policy will be updated to comply with current CDC and State of Delaware restrictions

We promise that Velo Amis and Fusion Racing will bring you another year of fun. The race will be modified to adhere to COVID-19 restrictions and to keep our runners as safe as possible. 


The Granogue Estate is private property and requires your cooperation to keep it safe and
available. Not following the rules listed below can result in the termination of our event and/or
the barring of you from participating in future events on the Granogue Estate property. We ask that you observe the following rules:

-Do not come to Granogue other than on the day of the race
- Do not enter any buildings on the property, including but not limited to the water tower, the greenhouse, the garage, barns or the main house. 
- Do not swim or enter the pond
- Please respect the privacy of the residents at the main house. Do not approach within the designated circle on the map around the house. The line more or less follows the rough grass line and stays well below the top of the hill.
- Do not go up the driveway past the greenhouse unless directed to do so by race staff (see map below)

- There will be cones and signs in this area indicating the “No Access Zone”

- Do not take photographs or videos of the residents and their families while on the Granogue Estate property.
- Do not post your run on Strava, RunWithGPS, MapMyRun, etc. If you feel the need to track your run, it must be private and visible only to yourself.
- While on Granogue Estate property, turn location services off on your phone and/or other devices for any social media platform (including but not limited to: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc).
- Limit your social media posts and do not specify the location of your post.
- Do not tag Granogue, Granogue Estate or anything resembling Granogue when posting


Bib Pick Up

Saturday October 23, 2021 at Granogue

Bib Pick Up

2:00 PM to 2:45 PM

5 and 10 Miler Start Time 3:00 PM

We just want to remind you so that you are properly prepared, that this is a trail race.  The course will include paved roads, fields, gravel roads and single track trails and some hills!

Come prepared and be ready to have fun!  5 Mile and 10 Mile (2 laps of the 5 mile)